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Look stylish with PADO stationery designs

We are well experienced in producing impressive stationery designs and want to share our experience with you. So check out our gallery to be inspired.



199Skunk requested PADO to design some business cards that doubled as advertising, which was hip, funky and would appeal to the younger market. So we provided a business card design that featured a signature cartoon character and out-of-the-square layout in a nice retro style.

Red Lily

This client wanted a business card that was chic and inspiring on an emotive level. We produced a calm and relaxing business card design, as well as incorporating a curve along the bottom of the card as an abstract horizon to incorporate the 'inspiring' aspect of the card.

Sailor Bridge

The project brief for this stationery suite was to produce something related to seafood and was elegant. We chose to use a blue colour scheme to suggest the sensation of the ocean and water, and we also used a subtle yet beautiful fish watermark in the letterhead and with compliments slip.

Xcel Corporation

The object of this business card design was to produce something that would really compliment the logo and remain corporate in appearance. We continued to use very dynamic angles taken from the basis of the logo, which produced a unique corporate business card design.

Flamingo Lawn Displays

This boutique business required the design to be fun, inviting and particularly appeal to the female market. We offered a stationery set that was funky and friendly, slightly trading some practibility for aesthetics so that the final product is truly something unique and different.

DMS Services

Providing home construction work, this business wanted to seem professional but still relevant to the home market. We used a white, yellow and black colour scheme to suggest the 'construction' element of the business with a clever diagonal typographic layout.