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In this concept the client was after a new-age logo that represented their four different company services. So we used four overlapping glass boxes, each a slightly different colour to indicate an individual service. At the same time the transparent colours blend into each other suggesting that the four services work together seamlessly.


The main objective of this logo was to tell the audience exactly what the service was, while indirectly portraying a sense of softness. We used the abstract swirl pattern as a means to convey the idea of fur flowing on top of fur, suggesting the 'soft' theme related to the business. The colours chosen are retro and neutral allowing for a broader appeal.

Celidor Jewellery

The brief was simple and the logo needed to speak for itself, even when the graphic was separated from the typography. The 'C' from the name was used to form a golden ring, which is photographic in appearance. The typography chosen was used to convey the feeling of tradition and elegance.

Green Electrical

The client want a logo that was very simple and direct, hence a light globe was illustrated and incorporated into the typography of the logo. The logo was required to be reproduced on vehicles and signage in two tone colours.

Xcel Corporation

From the start of the project the client wanted a typographical logo of the letter 'x' that was strong and dynamic. We used a red, black and grey colour scheme to help enhance the sense of strength, along with the use of extreme perspective and sharp angles.

Oro & Art Optometry

The objective of this project was to design a very elegant and traditional logo that appealled to the higher wage bracket market. The idea we conceptualised was to integrate a traditional ornamental and floral illustration into the shape of an eye. This logo was reproduced in metallic ink.

Primer Lab

The project brief was to produce something scientific and molecular, that could easily be reproduced on vehicles and sign graphics.

My Angel Kidswear

This logo was for an independent boutique kidswear clothing designer that wanted something vibrant and funky. In response to the brief we designed something with an out-of-the-square layout with retro script text, complimented by a cute little angel.

Calibre Resources

The clients main business is in metals, so we decided that something that was strong and clean would suit the service they offered. We used a a combination of gold, brass and dark grey to emphasise on the metallic and earth theme associated with the company.

Financial Connect

This project was for a relatively young business that wanted to suggest through it's logo that it has been around for much longer, but at the same time remain modern and contemporary.